Finger Yoga
Finger Yoga


I don't need much in the way of terminology to describe the poses here - because of the illustrations.

Finger names
The digits, named

Inside, outside, open, closed

I'll sometimes refer to opening and closing joints. Opening joints refers to the effect of activating the extensors - and closing a joint is the result of activating its flexors.

It is sometimes useful to refer to the inside and outside of joints.

The inside of joints is where more sweat glands are located. It is either hairless - or sometimes very hairy. The outside of joints tends to be more bony and is often covered with wrinkled skin.

The main place where this terminology can seem unorthodox is when dealing with the ankle - the achillies heel represents the inside of the ankle joint. Consider the analogy between the ankle and the wrist and this might make more sense.

Knuckle names
The knuckles, numbered


A knowledge of the hand's bone and muscle structure is of some use in knowing what stretches are potentially useful - but a detailed anatomy lesson is currently beyond my scope here.

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